Enterprise Applications is a leading-edge information technology corporation based in Fairfax County, Virginia, operating in the national capital region and throughout the mid-Atlantic.

Our professionals are business optimization specialists delivering performance, profit, and market distinction to our clients.

We provide engineering, cloud services, applications, Internet services, telecommunications, and deep systems security for businesses and government agencies.

EA has a comprehensive range of hardware, software, workstation, server, help-desk, security, and voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) solutions.

Our company is defined by agility, speed of reaction, breadth of IT experience, complete confidentiality, and straightforward responsiveness to our clients.



When a company or a government agency is looking for a trusted partner to assist with or to manage infrastructure and technology . . .

Executives and management need to know that a trusted, experienced IT partner-provider will be able to hit the ground running—with a solid understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the client industry and business. That’s the difference and the advantage of Enterprise Applications.

At Enterprise Applications, we have a deep understanding of successful business processes—not just servers and software and devices.

We foster success because we understand requirements, strategic objectives, and especially the imperatives of cost control. We use people, processes, and technology in innovative ways that drive increased profitability for business . . . or increased efficiency in government. No other technology firm makes those kinds of promises.

Here are a few of the ways that Enterprise Applications builds a foundation to support business and government operations.arpanet-crop

Network Security: Our best-in-class Enterprise Applications Cloudcom-IT™ network security involves hands-on and automated solutions that proactively protect, monitor and trigger an alert whenever suspicious activity is identified or an unauthorized user is detected on your network.

Virtualization: The ultimate flexibility, cost savings, high-availability and disaster recovery, all to enable growth.

Network Auditing: Compliance does not have to be a complicated, even in the medical and financial services industries. Enterprise Applications keeps network audit records up-to-date, accurate and secure.

Managed Technology Solutions: Enterprise Applications manages the heavy lifting and the daily grind of keeping information technology operational and stable.  Executives, managers, and business developers can focus on critical operational challenges and decisions, not on IT issues.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity: No one wants to think about disaster . . . until it happens. Enterprise Applications designs, implements and manages the most comprehensive local and cloud-based backup solutions to ensure that data and systems can be recovered and fully operational quickly and easily.


Our comprehensive IT managed services program provides Enterprise Applications Cloudcom-IT™ security, technology services, cloud storage, software, proprietary systems, and hardware—including PCs, mobile devices, and servers along with hardware, repair, and operational maintenance.ea-wordcloud-2-crop

Enterprise Applications customized service plans include:


Engineer On-Site Service
Unlimited Remote Support
Emergency After-Hours Support
New Device Installation
Continuous Proactive Monitoring
Automatic Problem Resolution
System Recovery Services
Disaster Recovery Services
Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)
Vendor Management
Proactive Network Health Services


Enterprise Applications Cloudcom-IT™ is the name of our proprietary customized cloud security systems and services, providing secure, faster, more accessible, and more reliable computing power. The Enterprise Applications Cloudcom-IT™ Security Assessment leads our industry.


Security is far more than the latest technological buzzword. It’s a full-blown movement that’s about ensuring compliance and seeing to it that your business or agency, clients, and data are protected, intact and available for access at all times.

While today’s workforce must be completely mobile—allowing opportunity for greater productivity—it can also introduce new security challenges. Implementing affordable solutions to keep employees productive, clients satisfied, and company or government data secure are the highest priorities of leaders today.

Enterprise Applications Cloudcom-IT™ solutions minimize risks to the systems and the data that run business and government:

mother-boardLocal/Cloud Advanced Antivirus/Anti-Malware Service protects users and data with zero-day protection in and out of the office.

Cloud-Based Real-Time Internet Security Protection minimizes risks from evolving advanced persistent threats (APTs), provides web filtering, and blocks malware from contacting known malware hosts.

Active Directory Monitoring/Reporting constantly monitors servers for user lock-outs, rogue account creation, permission changes and reporting for compliance documentation.

On-Premises Enterprise-Class Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions provides EA’s industry-leading backup to enable transparent fast recovery of files, folders, and entire PCs and servers.

Cloud-Based Backup Replication recovers data from the cloud or “spin-up” of servers if disaster strikes.

Spam-Filtering Services reduce the strain on system resources and user time by providing an additional layer of protection against email-borne threats.

Email Encryption Services protect confidential communications and meet compliance requirements.

Device/Data Encryption provides the ultimate protection currently technically available against data loss due to stolen, lost or compromised systems.

Data Center Co-Location of Infrastructure provides for all core network devices to be hosted in a secure data center with redundant power and 24-hour security.

Network Access Control Solutions allow only known/trusted devices to connect to your network.

Security Policy, Business Continuity Planning (BCP), and Incident Response Planning (IRP) keep organizations legally compliant.

Employee Awareness Training and Education programs ensure that respected employees are informed and kept safe.

Mobile Device Management protects confidential data on mobile devices.

By maximizing the benefits of our deep experience and cutting-edge technology, Enterprise Applications automates repetitive daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks to ensure that they are completed consistently.



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